Airbnb Alternative: Best Sites Like Airbnb For Bookings

Airbnb alternative: Do you want to know about the sites like Airbnb to book your travel trip on rental, then you can simply have a look at our guide and know the best online booking websites where you can book your accommodation easily. While travelling you need to book a place that will suits for you exactly so here are providing the best websites like airbnb.

Actually airbnb is the best vacation travel website that provides you the room rentals, hotel accommodations etc, but due to some reasons this website is slowly degrading and the users want to shit from this website.

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So for them, we are providing the best websites to book hotels online which are tested and verified too. You can select any of the websites from us and choose it to book your needs. All these websites are no doubtedly a good one. So don’t hesitate to check them.

Booking Sites Like Airbnb

Nowadays it’s becoming easy to book travel online but the main thing is that it should be genuine. So for that, you need to see the best websites like Airbnb and select the one that suits you. Check the airbnb alternative from us. – Best Airbnb Alternative is a home and apartments booking website. In this site, you will get the best deals to book anything. It directly connects the owners of the apartment to the travellers so there is no other mediators to book your travellings. This is the main reason why this provides with very affordable prices. This site is the best Airbnb alternative to booking your hotels.

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The offers a free listing for the owners to place their room in this website, so as the owner does not need to pay anything, in this situation many of the people list their own houses for less and affordable prices. You can easily sign up and get your first bookings for free.


HomeAway is the best alternative to Airbnb, this is one of the biggest company that offers many great deals for their listings. It has many options for travelling solo or as a couple and as per your requirement, your bookings will be initiated. This website is having the annual subscriptions, that is when you pay your bookings fees will be exempted.

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You can easily sign up in this Homeaway, if you are a property owner then you will have more benefits in this HomeAway. This website is, in fact, a separate marketplace that can handle all the owners to the travellers in an easy way.


Flipkey is one of the websites that was owned by TripAdvisor, it has almost 300000 listings among 11000 cities. This FlipKey does not offer any shared rooms and its completely different from other websites. It has the private rooms or whole property in its listing. This site is having a search feature from where you can search the properties in an easy way.

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If you have a property owner you can also list your building. This offers huge options for your listings. And for the travellers, you can choose your private room spaces in an easy way. This website is not so commercial so any user can easily get all the benefits.


Homestay is one of the top sites like Airbnb that was genuinely hosted to provide the homes for the people who were travelling to other places. In this website, they provide the local and non-local livings. They have used the homestay in different locations around the world like Paris, savannah, London etc. They have properties in almost 150 countries around the world.

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The homestay is having different listed of hotels. This homestay provides the breakfast along with the properties. So you can easily have a look at these properties a book you have chosen one.


Vrbo is another best alternative to Airbnb. This is one of the best travel websites that is headquartered in Austin. It was founded in 1995 by David clouse. This website vacation rental in US and also in other places. They have a lot of vacation places that are listed on their website. You can even find the long stay rooms in this vrbo.


Many times users say that they use these websites as the best platforms to search for homes. For your convenience, we say not to provide your credit card details to any of these websites. You can use these sites as the best place to search for homes and this is a top Airbnb alternative.


VillasDirect is another website like Airbnb. This VillasDirect is a rental expert having 600000 quality rentals that are instantly activated and managed by the professionals. You can easily book your holidays trips with this villas. A lot of villas are listed over here in this website and you can easily choose any of them of your choice.

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You can get the right place to go and find the perfect place to stay. You can get the selected stylish villas of your service. Simply go with a website if you want to choose the best airbnb alternative.

Other Websites Like Airbnb

  • Aluguest
  • House Sitting
  • HotelsCombined
  • OneFineStay
  • SleepOut
  • RentaVilla
  • Quest Apartments
  • TripAdvisor
  • Perfectplaces
  • Interhome
  • Couchsurfing
  • Outdoorsy
  • TravelMob
  • Owners Direct
  • Luxury Retreats


These are the best website like Airbnb to book your rooms online. For travellers, we have sorted the best websites and provided them. In case if you feel there are still another website that is like airbnb then you can easily share with us, so that it may help some others to book easily. For more information visit YipCreations website.

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