How to Check American Express Gift Card Balance

American Express Gift Card Balance checking or verifying process is very simple. Before learning the process, let us undergo few details regarding these American Express Gift cards. These gift cards can be purchased for yourself or else can try presenting to someone special celebrating their life’s occasional moments more beautifully.

However, these cards are categorized into two types. Personal and Business American Express Cards. Again if you observe, there are more different types of cards internally. Business gift cards are basically presented to the group of people/ clients/ customers respectively. Whereas Personal gift cards can be presented to someone special on any occasion respectively.

American Express Gift Card Balance

Whatever gift card you choose and whatever purpose it might be, the benefits associated with them were high in number. In case, if these gift cards were lost, they can be replaced within less amount of time. So, therefore, take an idea and try presenting your someone special and make them happy now. Noting down all these details, let me tell you we will discuss here how to check balance in this American Express Gift card post-purchase process.

How to Check American Express Gift Card Balance

Below we have come with the steps provided one by one. Go through every single step and apply the same to cross-check or verify the available balance over the American Express Gift Card.

How to Check American Express Gift Card Balance on PC/ Laptop

If you are using a PC/ Laptop, follow these instructions as mentioned below without making any kind of other thoughts.

  • In the first step, open the browser and visit the official site. Or else simply copy and paste the corresponding link directly in your search bar.

American Express Gift Card Balance check

  • Now the balance verification page is displayed on the screen.
  • Fill the details like 15-digit card number, expiration date, security code, email address respectively.
  • At last, do not forget to tick mark the box available just beside the caption saying I’m not a robot.
  • Now finally tap on Sign in.

In this way, you can easily check the American Express Gift Card Balance status without facing even a single error.

How to Check American Express Gift Card Balance on Smartphones Online

The below process is when you are using Smartphones and likely to access or needed anywhere and anytime respectively.

  • Take your mobile phone and check whether you are connected with the internet connection.
  • If connected successfully, open your regularly used browser on your phone.
  • And visit its official site by tapping enter.

how to check balance

  • Now you can see the balance verification page displaying on the screen.
  • Fill the details like a 15 digit card number, expiry date, security code, and email address.
  • Also, tick mark ensuring your not a robot.
  • Once done hit sign in. That’s all!!! Next to this, you can see the availability of balance on the screen.

American Express Gift Card Contact details

For any suggestions/ complaints, you can contact through the below details now without any fail. So, therefore, take a look over here.

  • American Express Gift Card Representative Contact Number: 1-833-205-8622
  • American Express Gift Card Address: American Express┬« Gift Card Customer Care, PO Box 826, Fortson, GA 31808.

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