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Benefits of Flake Ice Machine

The flake ice machine maintains the seafood in an excellent wet state, stopping the seafood from spoiling and stopping dehydration and frostbite. The melted ice water also can rinse the floor of the seafood, remove bacteria and odors in the seafood, and acquire the ideal clean-keeping effect. As a result, huge quantities of ice are utilized in marine fisheries for harvesting, storage, delivery, and processing.


What are the benefits of flake ice machines in the seafood industry?

The following flake ice machine providers and every person to study it!

  1. The flake ice machine has excessive ice performance and small cooling loss. The flake ice machine adopts the contemporary vertical internal spiral knife ice-cutting evaporator. When making ice, the water is evenly dispensed to the wall of the ice bucket through the water distribution tool in the ice bucket for speedy freezing. After reducing, it falls, allowing the evaporator floor to be used, growing the performance of the flake ice machine.


  1. The flake ice machine produces excessive-quality, dry, non-freezing ice. The thickness of irregular flake ice produced through the vertical evaporator of the automated flake ice machine is 1-2 mm, and the fluidity is good.


  1. The machine has an easy shape and a small footprint. The machine has clean water, seawater, a self-contained cold source, a self-decided bloodless source, ice cold storage, and different series.


What are the additives of a flake ice machine?

Main condenser, compressor, evaporator, growth valve, so what’s their position?

 1. Expansion valve

Installed among the liquid storage tank and the evaporator, it’s far the dividing factor among the excessive-pressure vicinity and the low-pressure area in the system, and its feature is to throttle the excessive-pressure liquid into low-strain liquid.

 2. Condenser

In the refrigeration procedure, the condenser performs the position of heat output and condensing refrigerant. After the excessive-pressure superheated steam discharged from the refrigeration compressor enters the condenser, all of the heat absorbed throughout the running procedure is transferred to the surrounding medium, consisting of the evaporator and refrigeration. The warmth absorbed through the compressor and the piping excessive strain superheated steam condenses back into the liquid.

 3. Evaporator

The vapor of a flake ice machine is called an ice bucket. The water vapor enters the water spray pipe and disperses abnormally on the inner wall of the vapor to form a water movie. When the water film exchanges heat with the refrigerant in the evaporator channel, the temperature drops rapidly and the evaporator A thin layer of ice forms at the internal wall, and under the pressure of the ice blade, the ice movie breaks into ice flakes and falls into the ice reservoir.

 4. Compressor

In the refrigeration system, it performs the position of compressing and transporting refrigerant gas, that is, the low-pressure and low-temperature gas generated in the evaporator is sucked back, compressed into excessive-temperature and excessive-pressure gas, and sent out into the condenser.

 Why is beaten ice so good?

Crushed ice has a bigger floor vicinity than cube-fashioned ice. So it cools matters down faster. Crushed ice will cool the drink faster, however, the drink can even turn watery faster.


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