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Exploring the Vishwakarma.gov.in Portal for PM Employment Scheme

Are you a skilled artisan looking for opportunities to showcase your talent and secure stable employment? The Vishwakarma.gov.in portal offers a platform tailored to meet your needs through the Prime Minister Employment Scheme. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the details of the scheme, how to navigate the portal effectively, and make the most of the benefits offered.

Understanding the PM Employment Scheme

The Prime Minister Employment Scheme aims to provide sustainable job opportunities for skilled artisans across various sectors. It encourages entrepreneurship and self-employment among traditional craftsmen by offering financial assistance, training, and support to establish their businesses. The scheme is a part of the government’s larger initiatives to promote traditional Indian crafts and empower artisans economically.

Navigating the Vishwakarma.gov.in Portal

Registration Process

To access the benefits of the scheme, artisans must register on the Vishwakarma.gov.in portal. The registration process involves providing essential details such as name, contact information, Aadhar number, and skillset. Once registered, artisans can create their profiles, upload work samples, and showcase their expertise to potential employers or customers.

Job Opportunities

The portal acts as a bridge between skilled artisans and job providers, facilitating the matching of talent with available opportunities. Artisans can browse through job listings, apply for positions that suit their skills, and connect with employers directly through the portal. This streamlined process helps in optimizing the employment potential for artisans across India.

Training and Workshops

In addition to job listings, the portal also offers a range of training programs and workshops to enhance the skills of artisans. Whether it’s learning new techniques, understanding market trends, or honing entrepreneurial skills, the training modules provided on the portal equip artisans with the knowledge needed to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Benefits of the PM Employment Scheme

  • Financial Assistance: Eligible artisans can avail of financial support to kickstart their businesses or expand existing ventures.
  • Skill Development: The scheme focuses on skill development and training to ensure artisans are equipped to meet industry demands.
  • Market Exposure: By showcasing their work on the portal, artisans gain exposure to a wider market and potential clients.
  • Entrepreneurial Support: The scheme provides guidance and support for artisans looking to establish their own enterprises.

Making the Most of the Portal

  • Regular Updates: Stay updated on the latest job listings, training programs, and news related to the scheme by frequently visiting the portal.
  • Networking: Connect with fellow artisans, industry experts, and potential collaborators to maximize your opportunities on the portal.
  • Portfolio Management: Keep your profile updated with your latest work samples, certifications, and achievements to attract potential employers.


1. Can any artisan register on the Vishwakarma.gov.in portal?

Yes, the portal is open to all skilled artisans looking for employment opportunities or training programs.

2. Are there any fees for registering on the portal?

No, registration on the portal is free of cost for artisans.

3. How can artisans apply for financial assistance under the PM Employment Scheme?

Artisans can apply for financial assistance by submitting their business proposals through the portal for evaluation.

4. Is the portal available in regional languages?

Yes, the portal offers multilingual support to cater to artisans from different linguistic backgrounds.

5. Are the job listings on the portal updated regularly?

Yes, job listings are updated frequently to ensure artisans have access to the latest opportunities available in the market.

6. Can artisans showcase different types of skills on their profiles?

Yes, artisans can create comprehensive profiles showcasing a variety of skills and expertise they possess.

7. How can artisans benefit from the training programs offered on the portal?

Artisans can enhance their skills, learn new techniques, and improve their market knowledge through the training programs available on the portal.

8. Are there specific eligibility criteria to avail of financial assistance under the scheme?

Artisans need to fulfill certain eligibility criteria as specified on the portal to qualify for financial support.

9. How can artisans track their applications for job opportunities or financial assistance?

The portal provides a dashboard feature where artisans can track the status of their applications and communicate with potential employers or authorities.

10. Can artisans receive feedback on their work showcased on the portal?

Yes, artisans can receive feedback from employers, clients, or experts on their work displayed on the portal to improve their skills and offerings.

Explore the Vishwakarma.gov.in portal today to unlock a world of opportunities and support through the PM Employment Scheme. Empower yourself as a skilled artisan and pave the way for a prosperous career in the traditional crafts industry.

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