Sites Like Fingerhut to Buy Now & Pay Later

Are you searching for the sites like fingerhut to buy now and pay later. All of us like shopping and there is no doubt in it. But many of us want to buy the product now and pay them later. As some times we run out of the cash but we need some products to buy, at that time we will be searching for the websites like fingerhut to fullfill our needs.

Actually fingerhut was placed in the year 1948 and it was one of the most popular ecommerce platform that provides its customers to buy now and pay later options with the credits. This main theme has attracted most of the users and they started using the fingerhut website.


But due to some reasons this website fingerhut was heard to be shutdown, so the most online shoppers are searching for the sites like fingerhut no credit check options. So for them we are providing the best websites like fingerhut.

Websites like Fingerhut

Below we are going to share some sites like Fingerhut with better payment options like pay later and buy now. So simply have a look at our sites.


Zebit is one of the best sites like fingerhut that provides the instant payment options. It is having the products like clothing, decors, electronics and many more. The main thing that zebit provides to its users is, any one can take the credit of 2500$ without any interest. So this will help most of the buyers to get the products as per their need.

sites like fingerhut

This site is having the huge collections of jewelry, kitchen and dining and baby products. You can use this site as a credit providers but it is not a money lender website. The shoppers can make the profits out from this website.


Gettington is another website like fingerhut that has a huge collection of the beauty products, furniture, fitness, sports items and many more. This website offers the buyers to get the stuff with a ease options. You don’t have to pay any of the credit annual fees or the membership fees to get the account. You can easily get the account from its main site.

sites like fingerhut no credit check

You can apply to this service by filling the application and you have to pay and interest of 0.50$ for the products that you buy. In case if your payment is not made in time then you must pay a late fee of $38. You can manage your account in your account settings.


FlexShopper is the online fingerhut like site that is selling a wide range of products such as pc’s, electronic appliances, furniture etc. You can get the huge collection of products with the latest trends. This site also offers the pay later scheme of flexshopper wallet with the flexdollars. With the Flexdollars you can avail the credit limit of 2500$ instantly.

websites like fingerhut

Also you can buy the required stuff from any of the retail stores with the different financing schemes. For using the FlexShopper wallet you can fill the online application and wait for their approval. Also you can expect the delivery and credit approvals with in a few days.

Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue website mainly focuses on the men and women’s clothing, furniture, garden tools and toys. You can avail the pay later option by submitting an application form while ordering a product. Their credit approval is very much fast and you will receive the credit limit within 24hours. Their plan starts from the 200$ with lower and maximum of 2400$.

finger hut

You can even pay the credit limits as the monthly installments from starting of 80$. For the late payment fees you can pay upto 15$. If you use the limits and pay them in time then they will automatically increase your credit limits.

Shopping Channel

Shopping Channel is one of the canadian online website that is having the household products like kitchen items, beauty, home decors, shoes and many more. This is one of the popular substitutes for fingerhut. It is possessing with the buy now and pay later option for all of its customers who are in canada.


It is also having its own tv channel in canada that is promoting its products and allows the customers to buy their needs. You can buy in online and pay the price later with the better EMI options. You can divide the final bill and pay them as monthly installments.

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Finally, if you like Fingerhut then you will also like these websites. There huge number of online shopping websites but we have provided the best one of you. If you think there is another good website, then you can simply share it with us. Visit our YipCreations for more information.

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