Check Google Play Gift Card Balance

Google Play Gift Card Balance: Before learning the process involved in identifying the available balance, it is important to learn a few lines related to the Google Play Store. This is one of the largest store applications accessed by various Android users all over the world. In simple and short one can say this as the best and perfect platform to access a number of applications successfully.

Whatever it might be an apps/ games/ books or any can be easily accessed through the store itself irrespective of time and place. The only essential thing you need is an internet balance possessing high signal strength. Besides this, one can also get or take over various Google play cards to make use of them appropriately. However, all these gifts cards not only used personally but can also be used to surprise someone special.

google play gift card balance

Moreover, when you go and purchase these cards, you should note down one specific point. These cards are classified into two types. One is plastic and others come in terms of digital. But to use these cards, we need a sufficient balance. So, therefore, keeping all this information into our mind, let us now focus on the simple steps involved in how to check balance in Google Play gift card right here.

What Are Google Play Gift Cards

Now you are up to the mark as all the Google Play Gift cards are categorized into types namely plastic and digital respectively. However, these cards are greatly used to purchase the google store content successfully. But for that, there must be a sufficient balance available on the one respective Google Play gift card. And this, however, can be located by following the below instructions. The only thing you have to remember is whatever the apps/ games/ books or any can be gratefully purchased with the help of these cards. and all they are supported by the Android OS oriented devices.

How to Check Balance in Google Play Gift Card

Well, there are two methods that help you to check balance successfully. Whichever process you pick, can easily locate the balance in a matter of while. Let us go and concentrate on such methods provided right here is simple and easy terminology.

Method 1: How to Check Balance in Google Play Gift Card

We have come with the points that might help you to check balance on your Google play store very easily. Go through and implement the same without making second thoughts.

  • The very first, you are requested to visit directly the one particular’s Google Wallet in any of the ways. Either through your smartphone or accessing online.

how to check google play gift card balance

  • Right at the left side, you might have noticed the options called account, payment methods, my subscriptions, redeem, buy a gift card, my wishlist, my play activity, and parent guide.

google play gift card balance check

  • Select the option called payment methods.


  • After the successful tap, you are requested to select an appropriate option called redeem code available in the form of lists.
  • Once after selecting the respective option, enter the gift code or promo code. As a result, tap on the option called redeem. That’s all!!! As simple as that!!!

check google play gift card balance

  • You are all set to view the balance available on one’s particular gift card.

Method 2: Google Play gift card balance check

This is an alternative method. But very easy and simple to understand. The only thing you have to do is perform the instructions as mentioned below. That makes sense of leaning the available balance on one’s particular card without facing trouble.

  • First, open the Google Play store either online or using all your smartphones.
  • Right at the left side of the page, you are going to notice multiple options like account, payment methods, my subscriptions, redeem, buy a gift card, my wishlist, my play activity, and parent guide.
  • Select the option called redeem.
  • And finally, enter the promo code or gift card in the available space.
  • Once after the successful entry, click on redeem.
  • Now you can see google play gift card balance.
  • That’s it!!! You are now all set to learn the available balance on your respective card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, right below we have framed few commonly asked questions. Try to go through for enhancing some more knowledge related to the Google Play Gift Card and balance check.

Where exactly I can see my Google Play Gift Card balance?
In order to view all your balance, just simply visit the official site address called or just simply make a call to the respective customer support team member at 1-855-466-4438 respectively.
How to get money back from the one's particular google play gift card?
  • First, visit the play store account.
  • And right there lookout for the order history and locate the item you really like to refund.
  • Tap on the option called menu and choose the report A problem.
  • Tap I’d or like to request for refund.
  • That’s all!!! As simple as that!!!!


The process mentioned here for how to check google play gift card balance is very much simple. Isn’t it!!! For more doubts or likely to learn any information, mention a single comment right in the below rectangle box. So that we help in clearing out. If you like the article, share it with friends or any other person who think you like to help in a single instance. Stay connected to YipCreations¬†right here without stepping back.

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