Netflix Gift Card Balance: How to Check Netflix Gift Card Balance

Netflix gift card balance: Where to buy the Netflix gift card? How to use the gift card? How to activate the Netflix Code? How to check Netflix gift card balance.

You have a Netflix gift card, but you don’t know how it works. Below we will explain step by step what you have to do to activate it, check the balance and where to buy it to get the most out of it.

Netflix Gift Card Balance

We are here to assist you with the Netflix gift card balance check. If you follow our article completely you will know more information about the Netflix balance check and where to get these cards.

Netflix Gift Card Balance Check

The Netflix gift card, like the rest of the cards of that type, are plastics which have a certain amount of money that allows you to purchase services and products of the brand that issues it.

In this case, Netflix offers the gift card as a payment method for all users who do not have a bank card or simply want to give it to a family member or friend. In this way, they can credit it to their account balance and continue to view the content offered by this platform such as series and movies via streaming.

How to Check Netflix Gift Card Balance

How to redeem a Netflix gift card?

If you bought a Netflix gift card in one of the mentioned establishments to redeem it you must follow the following steps:

  • Visit
  • Gently scrape the cover off the back of the card with a coin. If there is no coverage on the back of the gift card, follow the steps below for a Netflix code on a receipt
  • Enter the 11-digit PIN code of your card.

How to redeem your Netflix gift card with a code?

  • Visita edema.
  • Enter the 11-digit PIN code from the receipt.

How to redeem your digital Netflix gift card?

To activate your Netflix digital gift card you need to have an email so that you can have your activation code.

  • Visit
  • Enter the 11-digit PIN code of the email. You probably need to go to the link in the email to redeem your Netflix gift card code.

If you already have a Netflix account you can enter this code by selecting to redeem a gift card or promotional code from your account page. The Netflix gift card balance will be added to your account, and the next payment will be deducted from the gift card balance. The above is for all three cases.

There are videos and platforms that tell you how to get a free code, but remember that each service has a cost, the sites that promise this are not reliable at all.

How long does my Netflix gift card balance last?

Netflix gift cards are not valid, you can check it on the back of it. If you have more than one card, you can register it and your account balance will increase with each card you enter, even if you bought it in another country. The cost of each card ranges from $ 100, $ 150, $ 300 and $ 500.

Netflix Gift Card Balance Check

How to check your Netflix balance?

Other questions that we usually ask ourselves regularly is how to know the available balance of our gift card, in the case of Netflix the process is very simple, you just have to go to the billing details section (Billing Details) and there you can view available balance.

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Is the Netflix gift card suitable?

As in every service, there are various pros and cons. This case is not the exception. Here we list the most relevant.

Advantages of Netflix gift cards

  • The catalog that manages this platform is one of the most extensive on the market.
  • Download content. You can take the chapters of the series you want wherever you want.
  • The balance of your card is not valid and may be cumulative with others.
  • You can use the Netflix gift card even if you bought it in another country.

Disadvantages of Netflix gift cards

  • This card can only be used for this service.
  • Amounts. For some people it is a high quantity for the plastic.

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