Vanilla Gift Card Balance: How to Check Vanilla Gift Card Balance

How to Check Vanilla Gift Card Balance? Well, before learning the complete process, let us learn a few points regarding Vanilla Gift Card. Having such an amazing virtual account, you have an opportunity to spend online safely and securely.

But do not forget to keep all the details or information related to card safe. Apart from this, how exactly and where to use it. These cards can be accessed at the checkout points in different fields respectively. You also can use a mailing address without undergoing any other thoughts.

Vanilla Gift Card Balance

This is why because using a mailing address going to help the corresponding merchants who held responsible to contact you directly when an issue or problem gets encountered.  Not only online but also through phone you have an opportunity to use these cards at the right time.

How to Check Vanilla Gift Card Balance

Very simple and easy too. You just go through the below simple steps and apply the same to learn the availability of balance in your Vanilla Gift card. So, I hope you are ready to go through? If yes, let’s go!!!

Check Vanilla Gift Card Balance Online

Below steps to be followed when you are using a PC/ Laptop respectively.

  • In the first step, open the web browser and visit the official site. Or else simply for obtaining easy access, copy and paste the following link over your web browser’s search bar.
  • Now once the URL is entered, hit enter.
  • The Vanilla Gift Card home page is going to appear on the screen.

how to check Vanilla Gift Card Balance

  • Now, do enter 16 digits virtual account number, expiration date, and also CVV which is very important and you must compulsory provide.
  • Once the details were entered perfectly, tap on sign in.

Vanilla Gift Card Balance check

  • If in case lost or failed to enter the absolute details, right away contact the corresponding Vanilla eGift Virtual Account Retailer to get the lost details now successfully.

Check Vanilla Gift Card Balance Online through Mobile

The below steps are when you likely to access and learn the Vanilla Gift card balance right immediately on one and only Smartphone.

  • Take your Smartphone and check whether it is connected with a strong internet connection.
  • If yes, open your regularly used web browser and visit the official site respectively.

how to check Vanilla Gift Card Balance 2020

  • Once the page loads successfully, you are requested to enter the details like 16 digits virtual account number, Expiration date, and CVV respectively.
  • Now if you are done filling the complete details, tap on sign in.
  • That’s all!!! Doing so now you can learn the balance availability at your card directly from the mobile anytime and anywhere perfectly without facing even a single troubleshooting issue.


  • Do not forget to check or verify the availability of balance at your card. This is why because if in case the purchase made by you is more than the amount of available balance, you are going to be declined straightforwardly. So it is Important to double-cross verify and learn the balance status of the card you are accessing with.
  • Depending upon the merchant available at the counter, you might have another chance of undergoing payment. Like for suppose, if your purchase costs are more than the available balance, then he/ she suggest or asks you to pay the remaining amount through credit/ debit cards without declining.

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